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Name:                 Ferro 
Bloodline:            Ulft / Le Mexico 
Date of Birth:      1987
Height:                 1.69 m - 16.3 hh
Approved:            KWPN



Our Star mare Jenni by Grand Slam has foaled  a black filly from Ferro on May 17, 2010.  See sale page. 



Olympic Ferro is one of the great stallion for which frozen semen is still available. Ferro was extremely well bred with a good character and very good powerful hind legs. He was first in his stallion test.   Sire of Ulft, "keur" Le Mexico, is a typical jumper progenitor, with a high jumping index.   His sire Mexico is a full brother to the famous Furioso II, a much celebrated progenitor in France. Their sire is Furioso xx, who was approved in various other studbooks. Ferro's dam, Brenda, is a daughter of the Holsteiner, Farn, who was himself very high on the jumping index with 146 points. Farn's son Nimmerdor, had such great impact on performance horse breeding that he was named Horse of the Century by the KWPN. The mare Brenda, was awarded all three mare titles on offer in the KWPN – ster, preferent and prestatie. The mare line goes back to the Hanoverian Prefekt, and one of the old Gelders foundation families.

Ferro  has produced 8 KWPN Approved stallions such as Rousseau the winner of this stallion test and producer of  winner of Stallion test as well, the recently Keur awarded Negro, and the well known Metall and Rhodium. He has 11 KWPN Approved grandsons. His great legacy has given him the very rare title of Preferent which is the highest predicate a stallion can have. Their offspring must excel in both sport and at keuring so Ferro was certainly one of them.

He showed a lot of talent in jumping and even started out in life as a show jumper and ended up one of the more eminent dressage stallions of modern times.  He was with a Dutch international show jumping rider but the national show jumping coach, Hans Horn, noticed he could be a very good dressage horse.  He went on to train up to  Prix St-Georges when Coby van Baalen took him and further his training to a sixth place at the 1998 WEG in Rome and competed at the 2000 Olympics and assisted his team in achieving a team silver medal, with an individual score of 74.92%. Ferro's career highlight was in 2000, when they placed second in the World Cup Finals in 's Hertogenbosch, scoring over 80% for their Kür! 

As a three-year-old he was champion of his performance test at Ermelo. His stallion’s report as a three years old in Emerlo indicated a ‘ Balanced, attentive, friendly, obedient with good humor stallion. He was just green broke at the start of the test. He has very good use of the hind legs and is very limber and flexible. He works hard and presents that easily. After about 5 weeks he had a set back and accomplished less than before. After eight weeks he rebounded and overcame his troubles. He has nice transitions and gives his rider an excellent feeling. The walk is regular. The trot is well carried and very regular. The canter has good tact. He shows good technique while jumping and has a good take-off. In cross-country he jumps well and has a powerful gallop. He is very willing to work and regards the work as a normal. He has a lot of talent for dressage and jumping.’

Again his offspring report was very good. His offspring showed well developed long-lined riding type foals with alert expressions and a long and well shaped neck. The good poll length was clearly noticeable. A sufficiently developed wither that extends long into the back with a long and well placed shoulder. . Sometimes there are some foals with a long back always well muscled. The loin are also well muscled.  A long croup strongly muscled and well formed. The foreleg is built strong with a well developed knee. The hind legs have a strong angle and sometimes a low placed hock.

This will be very exciting as this cross was never done with our star mare Jenni  and this is an extremely good match. We really expect something special.




KWPN 87.151 pref
: KWPN;Old;Hann

2009: KWPN fokwaarde dressuur 141 97%
2005: febr. overleden (koliek)
(1864 N uit 2330 dekkingen)
1990: ggk. KWPN
Fokker: H.J. Gerrits te Rijkevoort
Rider: Coby van Baalen

XX/OX percentage : 41.6% 
KWPN 325 keur
1978 bruin 1.65m
ggk: KWPN
SF 104KWPN keur
1970 vos 1.69m
ggk: SF;KWPN
SF 1956
SF 1959
KWPN 21905 keur pref
1974 1.65m
XX 1962
Sgldt 1963
Stam Hagedoorn, merrielijn 46, fokfamilie 232
KWPN 83.151 ster pref prest
1983 zwartbruin 1.65m
Holst 210378459,1467NWP pref
1959 bruin 1.69m
ggk: Holst;KWPN
Holst 1954
holst stamm 8456 i
Holst 1945
holst stamm 18b1
KWPN 25362 keur pref
PREFEKTHann 1974  
KWPN 1974
















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